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Every moment in life is a treasure, and then there are some that can define and change us from the heart. Though we can't capture them all, how wonderful it is to be able to capture even one, so that it can be shared, experienced again and never lost. Few investments compare.

This site is a collection of such moments - a small treasure chest of pictures I've taken over the years, buried in an island in a vast ocean. It doesn't matter how you got here, but now that you've found the spot, take the time to relax and enjoy.

This site also gives me a great opportunity to direct my personal passion for photography into a "real life" business case study for my professional work as a Cloud Services, Mobile and Technology Evangelist. It's amazing what you can do with Cloud Services & Technologies and if you don't know what all of that means - you should read my book Cloud CIO Strategy.

New pictures will be added regularly, so please bookmark the slideshow, and do come back often. If you find something you really like – you can click on the image to buy canvas wraps, standouts, calendars, the really cool new Fotoflots and a variety of other merchandise. The metallic finish standouts are my personal favourites. They make great gifts and look fantastic on the wall at home or at the office. To avoid any surprises, make sure you choose the "best fit" option, or confirm how the picture will look on the final product when you check out your purchase. also does special orders for almost all types of merchandise, customized and personalized with your corporate logo and/or overlaid messages.

A portion of the proceeds from this site and from the sales of another one of my books - Come with me my lovely go towards supporting kids with Cancer. If you're hosting a charity fundraiser or non-profit cause in particular, we have some great ideas for you. Please call/contact us for more details.

So go ahead, take a moment, share it if you can, and live life to the fullest.

All the best!

Bruce P.D'Sena
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Between balancing boardrooms and family time, Bruce finds opportunities to blog on technology leadership and his photography. Restless creativity, a keen eye for detail and an insatiable curiosity for alternative perspectives helps him contend with both passions. Visit Bruce's other sites on the blogs tab above for more info and to stay in touch.

For most of his current photographic work, Bruce uses:

Primary Cameras: Canon 7D, Leica D-Lux 4.
Lenses: 10-22, 15-85 IS, 17-55 IS, 70-300 IS, nifty fifty.
Other: 430 EX, Sto-fen, Puffer, other strobes & lights
Hoya Pro Series CPL filters
A bunch of software from Adobe, Topaz & Tiffen, all on a trusty Mac.